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The Rhino Grip™ is made from a heavy-duty fiberglass-filled nylon material that resists cracking even at  -65º F (-54ºC). The large powerful clamping jaws allow you to instantly create a fixture you can tie a rope, strap some webbing, or hook a bungee cord.

The Rhino Grip™ can be clamped anywhere on a tarp to create a hold where you need it. The large clamping area provides a solid grip for gripping plastic films, tarps or other sheet material.

4 3/8" long by almost 1 1/2" wide at the gripping end. For double hold, remove the clamping bolt, line up the bolt hole with an existing tarp grommet and put the bolt through the Rhino Grip™ and the grommet and tighten the butterfly nut.

Groups of 10 needed $27.00 for 10 RhinoGrips™

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Rhino Grip

Rhino Grip

The only way you should ever have to replace a Rhino Grip™ is if you lose it!

Grommet Repair Kit

Includes 30 sets of 1/2" Grommets plus tool.

Quantity needed @ $7.00
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The short tool with the hollow end is the cutter. Put a block of wood down, lay the tarp on the block of wood where you want the grommet. With the cutter, use a hammer to cut the hole by tapping the end of the cutter tool through to the block of wood.

Take one of the grommet pieces with a neck on it and put through the hole from the bottom. Set the round, flat part of the tool under the tarp and grommet so the bottom of the grommet rests in the grove of the tool. Place one of the flat grommet pieces over the neck of the first grommet piece with the smooth side up. Use the long grommet tool by inserting the 'nipple' of the tool into the long neck of the lower grommet piece from the top and use a hammer to tap the tool until the neck of the grommet piece folds itself down tightly to the top grommet piece.

Clip Clamp for 1" EMT Conduit and 1" Connectors.

Quantity needed @ $1.00
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Clip Clamp for 3/4" EMT Conduit and 3/4" Connectors.

Quantity needed @ $1.00
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Auger Type Anchor

#2011 Used to secure portable buildings to the ground. One anchor per leg. Total length appx. 14 1/2 " Steel with auger plate welded on.
@ $5.25 each

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Also see F.A.Q. on optional method of anchoring

Tarps come in several configurations as far as placement of grommets. You will need to figure out how many bungees you will need for the tarp you purchase. It is handy to have a couple of sizes. Some tarps fit closer than others. Type in the number of bundles (they all come 25 to a bundle). Click the Click box to order.

If you purchase one of the tarps we sell, the grommets are appx. 18" apart. Add the length of the 4 sides and multiply the total by 12, then divide by 18 and add 6 to get the appx. number of bungees you will need. (EXAMPLE: A 10 x 10 tarp is 40 linear feet for all 4 sides multiplied by 12 = 480 divided by 18 = 27 + 6 = appx. 33 bungees needed.

6" and 8" most commonly used

Ball Bungee Cords 5"
Bundles needed @ $10.50 (25 to bundle)

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Ball Bungee Cords 6"
Bundles needed @ $10.50 (25 to bundle)

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Ball Bungee Cords 7"
Bundles needed @ $11.25 (25 to bundle)

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Ball Bungee Cords 9"
Bundles needed @ $11.25 (25 to bundle)

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Warning: These building connectors are component parts for use in assembling portable or limited use structures only. Severe physical injury or death may result from the collapse of a structure which fails to use the proper component parts, is not properly anchored, or which lacks proper foundation support and structural integrity to withstand wind, rain, other weather related factors, and stress from the particular use. DTP, Ink, or any of it's parties will not be held responsible for injury, death or other losses related to the use of these components.

To put this in terms that are understandable by all: It means use the correct weight poles (not aluminum or pvc), use the correct number of connectors (don't skimp), structures are designed for use with tarps (don't nail wood to them or cover with unapproved materials!), make sure they are anchored properly (one anchor per leg of approved type for the installation). And last but not least.... these structures won't withstand hurricanes, tornados, heavy snow loads or any other act of nature, man or animal that would trash a portable metal storage building but they are a lot easier to put up and more versatile for size, shape and use!

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